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Taylor Byrd

Taylor is our loyal barn manager and assistant head trainer.

Taylor started riding at the age of 13 years old at our stable and we saw an instant passion and dedication that we've never seen before in such a young girl. 

She became a working student at the age of 14 years old spending every weekend at the farm, and every summer assisting with summer camps, teaching and daily barn chores. Being at the farm any chance she could, she took every opportunity to learn as much as she could. Jamie-Lee knew Taylor would be her right hand.

At the age of 15 years old, Taylor headed to Ocala, Florida, with Jamie. In Florida is where Taylor learnt how to take care of top level show horses. She spent every day,  grooming, doing barn chores and earned herself a lesson with an olympic level trainer.


When Taylor graduated high school, she then began her full time career at The Allardyce Farm. 

Taylor has had a successful show career so far. She began showing our school pony magic, whom she won many classes with every show. Not long after she knew she wanted to be competitive and acquired her mare, Dolce Vita. They have been very competitive in the jumper division. Taylor and her mare were top 4 in Quebec which lead her to compete at the Quebec Games.

Taylor, now 23 years old, has 10 years of daily hands on knowledge in this industry and is Jamie-Lees partner in everything she does. Taylor specializes in teaching young children and beginner riders. Her patience and dedication to the riders is what makes her such an amazing coach. 

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