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All of The Allardyce Farm boarders must take a minimum of one lesson per week.

If you are a boarder looking to be on our show team, every rider on the show team must take a minimum of three lessons per week.

The Allardyce Farm also offers leases or half leases on our big selection of school horses and show horses. Full leasers must take a minimum of three lessons per week and a half leaser must take a minimum of two lessons per week in order to maintain a structured program for both horse and rider.

We currently have two spots left in our boarding and training program, so if you are interested in joining our team, contact Jamie today.

Board your horse or pony with The Allardyce Farm and experience the full service horse care, clean facilities and a warm welcome from our amazing barn family.

Our boarding program is suited to the ambitious junior, or adult amateur rider looking for a professional program to follow with the possibility of competing on the regional circuit. 

Our amazing team of hardworking and dedicated barn staff offers the highest level of full service horse care, which includes: all blanketing and booting after turnout, the scheduling and handling of all veterinary and blacksmith services, and daily hand-walking, and hoof picking if needed. 

Each horse has a individual tailored feeding, turn out, and training schedule that is customized to his or her performance needs. 



Boarding - $675.00/month (includes everything)

Training - $40.00/ride

Half board - $375.00/month (three rides per week/2 lessons 1 free ride depending on level of riding) does not include lessons.


Vet - Sylvie Suprenant 

Blacksmith - Eric Suprenant

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