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The Allardyce Farm has been working very hard in order to keep the facility a safe environment for our boarders and students. We ask you to please read the rules and regulations very carefully before coming to the barn.

1. Masks are mandatory at all times in the barn for everyone 10 years old and up (not mandatory during equestrian activity).

2. Wait at the entrance of the barn before entering to make sure we don't have an overflow of people in the barn.

3. Wash your hands at sanitizing station before touching anything.

4. No petting the dogs or any other horse but the one you are riding.

5. If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, we kindly ask you not to come to the barn and we will  be glad to reschedule your appointment.

6. If you do come to the barn with flu-like symptoms, we will kindly ask you to go home. 

7. Please fill out covid-19 health declaration form if you plan on booking a trail ride or a riding lesson.

Covid-19 Health Declaration

How are you feeling today?

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